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English Programme

About the Programme

The Driven Mission X Martha Luthera Boss Centre English programme is to help disadvantaged children with their abilities in English and through this, hope to grow their passion in this subject.

In Hong Kong, a city that has one of the most prosperous economies, there are actually over 230,000 disadvantaged children coming from low-income families out of a population of 7 million. Over 50,000 of those 230,000 children live in cramped housing such as subdivided units which can be as small as 25 square feet of living space. Many of these disadvantaged children are unable to go to school or are unable to get help with their schoolwork. So we feel that as the community faces multiple challenges, it is crucial that even through these difficult times that all the children from low-income families receive a quality education. We hope to make this program as interactive as possible, yet each kid will get individual guidance to help them with their needs.

We hope to make reading fun and educational, and our main goal is that by the end of the session these kids will have the ability to read on their own!


How to Get Involved

Sign up by using this link:

or by scanning the QR code on the left!

Heads of English:

Swati Sharma

My name is Swati and I'm a sophmore in (y11) in South Island school. I'm really passionate about helping others and am always ready for new experiences:)

Yu Tsun

Hi! I’m Yu Tsun, a Year 11 student at South Island School who takes a great interest in reading and writing. I’m always looking for new experiences to take on, and trying to help out the community where I can.

Irma Sung

Hi my name is Irma and I am 15 years old, and I  am currently studying in the ISF Academy. Some of my passions include singing, playing tennis, baking and more. I hope by joining this programme, I could educate more people and share some of my favourite subjects with young children. After participating in this programme, I hope people feel inspired to continue exploring new subjects and learn new things in the future.

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