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Chinese Programme

Head of Chinese

Kevin Song

DSC International School of Canada


About the Programme

The Driven Mission X SparksRead Chinese programme is to help disadvantaged children with their abilities in Chinese and through this, hope to cultivate their love of reading. 

We believe that education is very important, yet we understand that some parents are too busy or don't have the ability to give their children the education they need. That is what inspired us to start this programme. 

During each session, volunteers will be reading a Chinese book to the kids and they will get the opportunity to ask any questions they have, such as vocabulary, story line, etc. 

We hope to make this program as interactive as possible, yet each kid will get individual guidance to help them with their needs.

We hope to make reading fun and educational, and our main goal is that by the end of the session these kids will have the ability to read on their own!

Volunteering Service: Online via Zoom

Time: Every Wednesday Late Afternoon (4:30-6pm)

Number of sessions: 4 sessions


How to Get Involved

Sign up by using this link:

or by scanning the QR code on the left!

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