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The Driven Mission 


The Driven Mission is a student-led non-governmental organization that hopes to empower, enlighten and educate kids around the whole of Hong Kong. The organization was founded at the early start of 2022 and the vision back then, and still is now, is to empower through education. After seeing success in our programme: teaching disadvantaged kids English and how impactful it was, we decided to expand our team and develop our own organization. 


During these recent years, we noticed that a lot has changed: for the better or the worse. With all that we’ve faced/ overcame, our world is developing and improving day by day. From technology to education, our horizons are widening as each day passes. Schools are now offering stem and technology based learning to kids as young as the age of five to better prepare them for the future and world ahead. However, one question TheDrivenMission begs: what about the rest? What about those who are less fortunate to be exposed to any learning for the matter of fact? Let’s put technology aside, they are already falling behind on the most used language in the world. The one language that is used internationally- English. 


Without a doubt, our team immediately saw the problem. Opportunities and experiences are not being presented or given to some just because of their birth lottery, their background and their ability. We saw how unjust and unfair this issue is and wanted to take action to make a change. That’s when we had the idea to expand. 


Our goal is to provide an all-rounded curriculum to disadvantaged or special needs kids in Hong Kong. Our programmes range from the arts to stem and each session is led by passionate and affectionate volunteers who are willing to give up their time and make an impact to our community. We hope to bridge the gap between the fortunate and the less fortunate, while offering opportunities to both as everyone deserves the chance to be empowered and gain knowledge, skill sets and confidence for life.


As a volunteer, your act doesn’t need to be big, it can be just a simple one. However, small steps lead to big results and so we truly believe that it only takes one person to make a change. And that person could be you.


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Schools our Volunteers are From.

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